Company BEGA PAM S.A. Timişoara is included in the list of the largest national companies producing bakery products - fresh and frozen, Mediterranean products - pizza and focaccia, fresh pastries, Romanian traditional cake, as well as a well-established variety of sweets, biscuits, wafers and various specialties.

The scope of business of company BEGA PAM S.A. includes: production and sale of fresh and frozen bakery products, biscuits, wafers, specialties; rendering of services; import-export operations in own business; sale of agri-food products; wholesale trade and retail trade.

The company has been established in 1956, as the Local Industry Enterprise /Romanian: Întreprindere de industrie locală/, including six industries, from the food industry to the engineering industry. Due to its development, it becomes in 1960 the Local Industry Complex of Timişoara /Romanian:  Combinatul de Industrie Locală Timişoara/.

In 1977 its name is changed again, becoming the Timiş Enterprise for Milling, Shelling, Bakery and Flour Products /Romanian: Întreprinderea de Morărit, Decorticat, Panificaţie şi Produse Făinoase Timiş/. This name has been kept until 1990, when the company becomes BEGA PAM S.A. Timişoara.

For nearly 60 years, company Bega Pam SA produces various types of bakery products, improving on a continuous-basis the quality of the products and services it offers to the customers.

Our company’s portfolio features several brands - with intellectual property rights reserved - which enjoy great appreciation of many generations of consumers over time:

“Danuţ” dark chocolate coated wafers;

Eugenia traditional biscuits (biscuits with cocoa filling), such as “Eu_genial “, Io genius”, “Extra”;

“Magdalene” small sponge cakes;


“Raliu” and “Begapetit” plain biscuits;

“Begatone” special cake, etc.


The entire production process takes place under the European quality and manufacturing standards.
In order to acquire and retain the consumers, who show increasing concern on adopting a healthy diet, we use raw materials of the highest quality in view of the on-going development and renewal of the Bega Pam portfolio.
In addition, our entire efforts have been directed towards the development of an extensive investment project for refurbishment and modernization of the production lines.
In the course of time numerous bakers and bakery workers of today have apprenticed in the production facilities of Bega Pam Timişoara.

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