We sell our products in the county of Timiş through our own distribution system and through the “Bega Pam” shops. Countrywide, products are sold through local distributors covering all regions, Key Accounts channels, and the HoReCa sector respectively.
The products we are making are sold not only to Romanian consumers, but also outside the country, because some of our partners are foreign companies.

Bakery and pastry products are sold mainly in the counties of Timiş and Arad. Within a much larger area, i. e. nationwide, are distributed our biscuits, waffles, pastries and specialties, as well as frozen bakery products to various consumers.
Launching new showrooms and continuing to use traditional items, we attempt to connect the new range of products with those already established.

“Bega Pam” partners
1. Production of  “Bega Pam” products
S.C. Panetim Production S.R.L.
Str. Martir Ioan Buteanu, Nr 2
RO – 300126 Timisoara

2. Distribution of “Bega Pam” products
S.C. Timalimenta Distribution S.R.L.
Str. Martir Ioan Buteanu, Nr 2
RO – 300126 Timisoara

3. Direct sale of “Bega Pam” products
I. “Bega Pam Panetteria” own shops:

Shop no. 14  Str. Martir Ioan Buteanu, Nr. 2, Timişoara, 
Shop no. 6  B-dl. Revoluţiei, Nr. 6, Timişoara, tel. 0356-453 084
Shop no. 3  Str. Sf. Apostoli Petru si Pavel, Nr. 45, Timişoara, tel. 0356-442 162
Shop no. 5  Calea Şagului, Nr. 6,  Timişoara, tel. 0356-456 877

II. Partners shops  - sale of “Bega Pam” products:

Billa Romania
B-dul Liviu Rebreanu,  Nr. 145- 147,  Timisoara
Str. Circumvalatiunii,  Nr. 1,  Timisoara
Str. Gheorghe Rineti,  Nr. 28,  Timisoara
B-dul Titulescu, Zona 3,  Arad
Str. Stefan cel Mare,  Nr. 54,  Arad
Atrium Mall, Calea Aurel Vlaicu,  Nr. 10- 12,  Arad
Bd Revolutiei , Zona Ziridava,  Nr. 39-41,  Arad

Novatim Timisoara
Calea Buziaşului,  Nr. 100A1,  Timişoara
Str. Mircea cel Bătrân,  Nr. 28,  Timişoara
Str. Ripensia,  Nr. 29A,  Timişoara
Str. Aştrilor,  Nr. 20-28,  Timişoara


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